Apple iPhone 8 Reviews, Specifications and Rumors

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an expected date of biggest launching fair of the world. If our expectations are completely fulfilled, then Apple will launch and unveil a trio of new mobile phone within a week.

According to rumors and some previous record, the company will hold the inaugural ceremony on 12th September. The launching will be held in newly build headquarter in Cupertino, California. So as we count down the days until then, it remains very clear that, despite a rash of rumors, leaked images and firmware clues, we still know next to nothing officially from the company. We also don’t know, what these phones will be called.

According to some reports that new phone will be called as iPhone X, iPhone 10 or may be simply iPhone 8. Whatever they call it. But it is absolute that the company will cast a big iPhone shadow over the Korean brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They will try to drive up the sale before the closing of its financial quarter on 30th September. More about, the new iPhone comes with the beautiful OLED display, facial recognition and User Interface. The audience is expecting to introduce some more features like 4K Apple TV and Apple Watch 3.

If all the rumors and reports will true then new iPhone will see the day light within a week. We are with iPhone lovers, continue to count down the days.

Apple iPhone 8 Specification (Expected)

New iPhone from Apple may include following features and specifications.

  • Virtual Home Button
  • Faster USB Charging and also Wireless Charging
  • Edge-to –Edge and curved OLED display with True Tone technology
  • Possible support for the Apple Pencil
  • Three new models
  • Even best security
  • Includes Facial Recognition alternative to Touch ID
  • Glass and Stainless Steel Body
  • iOS 11
  • Dual-lens Camera, also in Vertical Configuration
  • More memory and storage possible 64 GB and 3 GB RAM
  • Powerful and Enhanced water proofing or resistance
  • Qualcomm or Intel modem
  • Enhanced quality earpiece for clearer and louder sound
  • Available in multi colors
  • AR capabilities for rear-facing 3-D laser
  • A10X or A11 Processor
  • Available in limited quantities with price of $1000 to $1200

The iPhone TBD

There are a lot of rumors about the name of this new iPhone. We still don’t know officially what the new Apple’s iPhone will be called. There are suggestions that Apple may call it iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But other are guessing it as a name of iPhone Edition, iPhone X, iPhone 10 and iPhone 10 Pro due to the 10th anniversary of Apple. So there is a suspense about the name of iPhone also.

Virtual Home Button

Bye-Bye home button in this new iPhone 8. According to Mark Gurman that the iPhone 8 may dispatch the concept of home button completely. They are replacing it with a new gesture-based user interface. He also suggests that the new phone will have an app dock which is similar to one found in iPod.

The Programmer of iPhone, Steve Troughton-Smith, also Tweeted last month that iPhone 8 will also have a virtual home button. It can change the size and disappear entirely, totally depends upon the task or task. iPhone 8 would have a Virtual Home Button but no Touch ID.

Pencil Support

Not bad, Apple could also undercut the greatest strength of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by adding pencil support in new iPhone. So Apple has filed new patent applications connecting to the Apple Pencil with iPhone through Patently Apple. So people think that this is one of the longest shots by Apple. There is no much photographic or chatter evidence to support it.

Facial Recognition Technology

Apple is launching new facial recognition technology in iPhone 8, Steve Troughton-Smith. So if it is true then you will be apple to use your face to unlock your iPhone. They asked that this technology is more secure and quality of security will increase a lot.

Dual Camera

iPhone has a new feature of the dual camera that also features 3-D sensing capabilities. The Apple’s iPhone 8 has two rear cameras arranged vertically with an LED flash in the middle. So the company has developed a rear-facing 3D laser system, it also supports AR depth detection and autofocus.

Multi Colors

According to reports that each model is available in three different colors which are Gold, Silver, and Black. Apple’s iPhone 8 is likely to feature a combination of stainless steel and curved glass.

Wireless Charging

Apple has included Plugged-in charging system till now. But Apple watcher John Gruber has tweeted in July about the introduction of wireless charging in iPhone 8. According to reports, it is an inductive charge pad accessory which still has wires. This may be sold separately.


According to rumors iPhone 8 comes with the inclusion of new and best AirPods. So these AirPods have a facility of Bluetooth and the price of these AirPods is about $159 in the United States while AU$229 in Australia and £159 in the United Kingdom.

There is also suggested that Apple will stick with the Lightning Connector and they may include 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter for the upcoming phone. But Apple waved good bye to the analog headphone jack with their previous iPhone 7. Therefore, it is probably not coming back.

Enhanced Resistance and Waterproofing

There are strong rumors that one of the forthcoming iPhones will be water-resistant and waterproof. So according to the reports of Korea Herald that the next iPhone will have much higher waterproofing and water-resistance rating which is IP68 compared with the current IP67. It means that it could be immersed into water for greater depth and longer time.

New Components

Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to run on the Apple A10X or A11 CPU. There are also rumors that company is also developing its own graphic chips. Despite, Apple may also dump its 32 GB model for iPhone 8 model. They are offering three storage 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB for this new iPhone. The reports also suggest that company will also boost the amount of RAM to 3 GB which was 2 GB is the previous model iPhone 7 and 7S Plus. Last year, Apple ditched its 16 GB model when they released the iPhone 7.

How much are these rumors true? This and many more questions will be answered upon the release of iPhone 8 which is possible on 12th September 2017. What are you waiting for? The countdown has started. You have to wait a few days more.